Datong tools is one of the best manufacturer in producing movable frame straightener in this area. Our Champ 10-Ton Body Straightener Kits enjoy below advantages: The Champ 10-Ton Body Straightener Kits are made of high-quality structural steel and have a maximum pulling capacity of 10 tons. These all-inclusive kits come with a puller, hydraulics, and two 6 foot chains with grab hooks, two sheet metal clamps with pull rings and an underbody beam with pinch weld clamps and floor stands. They are available with either hand pumps or foot pumps and the 4084 models also include an overhead beam.  These body straightener kits help to perform correction procedures on bent, distorted auto frames and bodies by utilizing powerful and concentrated loads at key points. These points must be properly padded to spread the load over a large area to facilitate efficient straightening. The Champ 10-Ton Body Straightener Kits are extremely durable and versatile. They can easily repair auto bodies at various stages of damage and can also straighten independent twist damages. The body straightener can be hooked up for sag or kick up, for mash, for mash with sag, for center sway, for sway with mash perimeter frame, for sway and mash unitized body, and for front end sway. They also provide an alternate hook up for front end sway as also for cars in an overall diamond condition.