Cherry Pickers-The Best Choice For Your Home Use Maintenance Tool

Jiaxing Datong makes all kinds of shop cranes and shop crane accessories. The shop crane is also called an engine hoist, an engine crane or a cherry picker. The engine hoist or crane is used to remove or install engines in cars or trucks. Of course, it may be used for a variety of other jobs in your automotive shop. The adjustable boom on the shop crane is positioned over the engine compartment to support the engine as it is being installed or removed. The weight capacity of the hoist is reduced as the adjustable boom is extended farther out from the hydraulic ram. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact us.

Here we will introduce you four of our best selling shop cranes.

A 8Ton double pump long ram jack with hook works for most of shop cranes. Double pump makes the lifting job much easier and quicker.

Minimum height and maximum height as 24'' and 44-1/2'', which makes the stroke as 19-1/4''.

This is a 2Ton hydraulic shop crane. Its strong design allows for maximum lifting power at a minimum of shop space. The adjustable boom on this 2Ton engine hoist means that it will work for pulling and installing a variety of engines. This folding engine crane also features strong, steel swivel casters and adjustable length legs; making it easy and safe to move an engine from car to work space in seconds.

This is an advanced design of a 2Ton shop crane. It's air/hydraulic operated. With air power source, it can save a lot of time and work.

This is a 3Ton hydraulic shop crane. It has the strongest structure, and the largest pulling capacity.