This 12Ton Shop press with Gauge is ideal for small pressing jobs removing and installing gears, bearings and other press fit parts. Single-speed hydraulic hand pump lowers the ram of the floor-mount press with up to 12 tons of force. If you own a garage and need to install and remove ball joints, U-joints, bushing, pulleys and other various mechanical parts, then a shop press will take the hard work out of your job. The Powder Coated Finish will look great in your Shop for Years to come. Press Plates are included to do a variety of work. Two guides coming from the top bar down towards the platform to ensure the base is level and whatever is being pressed is done so accurately. Straighten forks, form exhausts, the list is endless. Adjustable-height table within the H-frame enables proper positioning of large and bulky items Release valve initiates and controls ram return after down stroke Includes a flat ram nose, a reduced-step nose, and two table plates for precise pressing and support